We're about people before profits

We're 100% owned by our members. All our profits are reinvested into our business or the communities we're a part of.

Why BankVic?

Our Members

Hear from our members about how BankVic has made banking better for them, the people who make Victoria better - our Police, emergency service and health workers.
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Our History

Our heritage is important to us and we are committed to ensuring we remain relevant for all our members.

  • Where we started

    We began back in 1974, to improve the financial wellbeing of Victoria Police members and their families. More than forty years on and our services now extend to members of the health, emergency and public services sectors.

  • Where we are

    We are Victorian based, just like our members who have now grown to over 117,000 members. While we are big enough to matter, with $2.6 billion in assets, we are still small enough to care about the financial wellbeing of each and every one of our members.

  • Why we’re here

    BankVic exists to strengthen the communities which we serve. We aim to build healthy communities that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. It's these beliefs that drive our work and underpin our certification as a B Corp.


Our Journey

Our support goes beyond just banking to investing in the communities that benefit our people. When you bank with us you’re helping to build a stronger community that benefits us all.
  1. Leadership

    The beginning

    Established in 1974 to serve the Victoria Police, working a storeroom in the Police Association building

  2. Investment

    Growing with the Emergency Services

    In 1979 we opened our membership to people working in Victoria's firefighting services

  3. Everyday account

    The bank for police, emergency and health workers

    In 1992 BankVic opened membership to the emergency services sector, including Ambulance workers, health workers and the public sector

  4. Brand Tag

    2013 - The Police Credit Co Operative becomes BankVic

    On 1 June 2013 the business renamed itself to BankVic, with the shield and stars logo connecting us to our Police heritage and our five member bonds.

  5. Our Community

    2020 - BankVic becomes a certified B Corp

    Our purpose-driven commitment toward all stakeholders was recognised with the B Corp certification.

Why BankVic?

Our Community

BankVic exists to strengthen the communities which we serve. Our aim is to build healthy communities that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. It's these beliefs that drive the work we do every day. That’s why we’re about people before profits.
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Our Leadership

Taking care of business


Who we are

Our culture is shaped around ‘Being BankVic’, where we respect and honour each other, our communities and our members by living our Values of Together, Honest and Brave every day.

It is through our people and their commitment to our Values, vision and purpose that sees us strive to be the most trusted financial institution for Victoria Police, health, and emergency services.

Our people thrive and grow, knowing they are valued and can make a meaningful contribution toward our members and the broader community. With this, we aim to deliver exceptional experiences for our members, many of which are on the frontline serving our communities.

Terms and conditions

Important things you should know

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